Weather Data to MIDI

This is a web app for converting weather data into automation envelopes by writing CC events into MIDI files. The automation can be used for sonification or as part of a creative musical process.

Scroll down or click the link to get data, read how to use, or see the list of references to resources used by the web app.


How to use

Downloading a MIDI file Using a MIDI file in Ableton Live Using a MIDI file in other DAWs
Downloading a MIDI file
  1. Set the location. You can do this a number of ways:
  2. Choose a date range by using the date pickers or by entering dates manually. Timespans that are over roughly 3 years long (around 25000 datapoints) may overload the system when writing the MIDI file
  3. Select a parameter from the dropdown list
  4. Click 'Get data'. The data will be visualised on a graph
  5. Choose a BPM. The MIDI file writer defaults to one datapoint per quarter note
  6. Click 'Get MIDI'. A MIDI file will be created with CC data on channel 3
Using a MIDI file in Ableton Live
  1. Open the MIDI clip in Ableton Live
  2. Open the Envelopes box of the clip by clicking the circular button to the far left of the bottom of the window
  3. Select MIDI Ctrl in the dropdown chooser in the Envelopes section of the MIDI clip
  4. Select MIDI CC number 3 from the dropdown menu. It may be listed as 3 - (Controller)
  5. Copy the envelope to any automation lane
Using a MIDI file in other DAWs

Documentation for using downloaded MIDI files in other DAWs is in progress. Generally, the process will involve loading the file, locating MIDI Controller Channel 3, and either mapping the envelope directly, or copying and pasting it to the automation lane of the intended mapping parameter.